UVa Transfer Agreement: A Guide for Prospective Students

Are you a current community college student looking to transfer to the University of Virginia (UVa)? If so, you should know about the UVa Transfer Agreement, which can make your transition to UVa much smoother and easier.

What is the UVa Transfer Agreement?

The UVa Transfer Agreement is a partnership between UVa and several Virginia community colleges that enables students to seamlessly transfer credits earned at the community college to UVa. The agreement sets guidelines for transferable courses, including general education courses and prerequisites for majors.

Why is the UVa Transfer Agreement important?

The UVa Transfer Agreement is important because it provides a clear path for community college students to transfer to UVa without losing credits or having to retake courses. By following the agreement, students can save time and money by completing their general education requirements at the community college before transferring to UVa.

Who is eligible for the UVa Transfer Agreement?

The UVa Transfer Agreement is open to students who have earned an associate degree from one of the participating community colleges or who have completed at least 30 credit hours of coursework at a participating community college. Students must also have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must meet UVa’s admission requirements.

Which community colleges participate in the UVa Transfer Agreement?

As of 2021, the following Virginia community colleges participate in the UVa Transfer Agreement:

– Blue Ridge Community College

– Central Virginia Community College

– Dabney S. Lancaster Community College

– Lord Fairfax Community College

– Piedmont Virginia Community College

– Rappahannock Community College

– Southside Virginia Community College

– Thomas Nelson Community College

– Virginia Highlands Community College

– Virginia Western Community College

How does the UVa Transfer Agreement work?

To take advantage of the UVa Transfer Agreement, community college students must follow these steps:

1. Choose a participating community college and enroll in courses that meet UVa’s general education requirements and/or prerequisites for their intended major.

2. Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and earn at least a grade of C in each course.

3. Apply to UVa and indicate on the application that they are applying as a transfer student.

4. Submit official transcripts from all colleges attended, including the community college(s).

5. If accepted to UVa, work with an academic advisor to ensure that all transfer credits are applied towards their degree requirements.


The UVa Transfer Agreement is a valuable resource for community college students who want to transfer to UVa. By following the agreement, students can seamlessly transfer credits and avoid retaking courses, which can save time and money. If you are considering transferring to UVa, be sure to check if your community college participates in the UVa Transfer Agreement.